Imagining Sanctuary Week 1

In collaboration with 6 talented creatives with lived experience migration, campaigning organisation London Must Act and design studio Shelby X Studios, we’re inviting people all over the UK to take action to demand urgent resettlement of refugees, a fair immigration policy and end to the hostile environment.

For 5 weeks leading into Refugee Week in June, we will present one artist’s work alongside an action that everyone can participate in. We have asked each to respond to the theme of ‘Imagining Sanctuary’.

The campaign kicked off on 7 May with Dave, an artist based in London who practices both visual art and written word.

“People won’t sail the sea or leave their home because they’re safer on land. Never sure, never know how far we could fall to the great unknown. Many mountains and valleys, and all that will come in between desert and ocean just to risk it all to feel safe. Even when you do find sanctuary one still has to content with the static, hostile environment and worst of all is being treated as is if you are not a human being or you don’t exist.”

Take action!

  • Share the digital postcard on whichever social media channels you use – make sure you tag the Home Office, Priti Patel and your MP
  • Send the postcard by email to your MP and the Home Office
  • Add your own thoughts about the Hostile Environment and the Home Office’s plans for reform to the Asylum system

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