Imagining Sanctuary Week 3

This week’s works of artivism are from Heba, a young artist living in London.

“From my childhood I loved drawing. I had a teacher. She had always encouraged me, but I stopped drawing when I was in Syria because of the circumstances I went through because of the war, and I left school.”

Talented 16-year-old artist, Heba, came to London last February with her family. This week we are sharing the illustrations she created for ‘Imagining Sanctuary’ in response to the goals of the London Must Act campaign, calling for the evacuation of Aegean camps and a new, humane migration policy in the UK and Europe.

We are calling on supporters to respond to Heba’s pieces by replying to London Must Act on Instagram with a message of solidarity for children and young people trapped in European camps.

These messages will be reproduced in physical form and shared publicly at the Lewisham Refugee Fair on 19th June.

Three drawings by Heba, inspired by the experiences of child refugees
My name is Heba. I am 16 years old, and I am from Syria. I am a Syrian refugee in Britain.
After I left Syria I come back to drawing and study. I like drawing a lot, because when I paint, I express my feelings and thoughts.
A drawing by Heba: Help the children of Syria. A child cries, their torso consisting of bombs, explosions and burning buildings.

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