Imagining Sanctuary Week 4

Take Action: Week 4, Esin

This week’s work are from Esin, a London based visual artist.

“My name is Esin. I would really like to become an architect and that’s how I started to draw. I stopped drawing for 10 years and now I started again because that’s something that I love doing, that’s the most important part of the day and the happiest that I can be on my own while struggling with my mental health. I’m an immigrant. I came to London two years ago in the back of a lorry, struggling to breathe and with a broken heart of having nothing and no place to go. 

For me hands are the most important way of showing that I care because I’m not good with expressing feelings. So that’s why I made a circle with hands close to each other to show that no one is alone, there are a lot to help with up and downs. And the in the river i tried to make a troubled water for the strong handshake like a welcome. And big ben like a sun saying open.”

Esin’s drawings are powerful reminders of the risks displaced people are forced to take, the conditions they face and the necessity of hope.

We’re asking people this week to add their name to Choose Love’s petition calling on the government to scrap Priti Patel’s cruel plans for immigration – and instead take a humane approach that focuses on a welcoming environment.

You can sign the petition here

A drawing shows a dead child on a shoreline, surrounded by flowers. The image refers to the famous photo of Aylan Kurdi, which helped galvanise support for people seeking asylum at the peak of the crisis.
Drawing shows a tent of the kind found in migrant camps in Europe. The ground outside is strewn with empty water bottles. There appears to be a tear in the tent's roof and it looks on the verge of falling down.
A truck is parked. Two suitcases are beside it. Onc appears to be dripping blood and has written on it "No more fighting to breathe."
Four hands of various colours create a circle around the London Eye. A fifth hand is emerging from turbulent dark waters below. Big Ben in the background in illuminated.

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