Ambe & the Small Village Book Launch

Ambe & the Small Village Book Launch

Artist Ngwa Afanwi Neba has collaborated together with Greek artists Anna Lioliou to write an original book, Ambe and the Small Village. Suitable for both adults and children, the book’s story evokes the landscapes and stories of Cameroon and is lushly illustrated by Neba.

Originally from Cameroon, Neba conceived of the book as a way of combining traditional storytelling with a modern twist – demonstrating that the past has messages that resonate today.

An illustration from the book

Neba lives in Vial camp on the Greek island of Chios. Although meant to house only 1,000 people, the camp currently houses around 3,000.

“I come from a family blessed with creativity,” says Neba. His family included several amateur artists and encouraged his interest in art from a young age. He hopes that his art “brightens the faces of mankind and drives away the sorrow and pain, creating a nursing ground for hope.”

Together with Morocco Unbound bookshop in Southwark, we’re launching the book in the UK on 18 August. The evening event will feature a video interview with the artist plus a small exhibition of paintings by Neba and other artists we work with.

Tickets range range from £0 to £25, with an option to buy the book in advance with your ticket. Book yours at

Neba painting in his characteristic style

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